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[LED bedrock] LED lamps Why single-ended power supply?

Author:admin   Update:2016-08-05  Counting:1130

For LED lamp certified when most agencies require a single-ended power supply, but why single-ended power supply required by law to do? Now double-ended power LED lamps in the EU if there are restrictions on the export of relevant documents? Exports to the EU must be made whether single ended? Double Ended feasible? Double-ended powered LED lamp head may live free end to end, how this test point determination?
LED Tube extra fire recently, all the great march in shopping malls to replace the traditional lighting of the trend. Prior to the latest specification IEC62776 official purposes, and now LED lamp chosen specification remains: IEC / EN 60598-1, IEC / EN61195, IEC / EN62031, IEC / EN62471, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13, and EMC specification IEC / EN55015, IEC / EN61547, IEC / EN61000-3-2, IEC / EN61000-3-3.

Shopping malls in Europe, because LED fluorescent tube double-ended charge can cause an electric shock risk, so the LED fluorescent tube product design, double-ended approach is to place the drive power is not sustainable. Double-ended power LED lamps in the EU is constrained, the main constraint on the circuit is not a change, see CTL resolution 0702A. Although organizations typically only support a single-ended power supply, but some European countries are promised, such as Italy.

About drive power in the end is right or wrong choice of the barrier also blocking power? This is not binding. Relatively speaking, the choice of blocking power of the lamp, the power output is safe low voltage, lamp shells and hand touch of the local area can be regarded as safe, simple contrast after safety checks; drawback is the large volume transformer, PF value and effectiveness affected. Use of non-blocking power, the power input and output is not a barrier to open, lights are treated as a charged body, thus spacing and insulation creepage request will be higher, including the details between the lamp and the foot joints, and joints aluminum plate spacing between the need 5mm or more, two lamp beads with aluminum plate spacing also request 5mm or more.

Under the same conditions as non-blocking performance advantages of power is obvious and less cost, if requested and can be satisfied through the insulation test voltage, etc., in the market more competitive. However, LED fluorescent tube performance and safety seems not harmonious pair of lovers, when the cake and not eat it, though, the production companies will therefore add more capital, their ideas are preferred over safety.

Mall controversy LED power drivers are non-blocking and non-blocking barrier two kinds of advantages, low cost, high power. The LED light failure, little affected by temperature but the request is reasonable insulation tube design is easy to over-UL, TUV, CE, PSE. Domestic non-blocking power over the UL have five. As the power of the high cost barrier, shopping malls less competitive, high-impact LED lifetime fever, at least 20% short life. Since more components than non-blocking, time failure rate is comparatively high, there are many low power non-blocking ratio is usually 78-82%, 87-95% non-blocking power. Seen in this light, non-blocking will become the mainstream mall occupies a sure advantage.

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