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Increasing abundance of LED Tube

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project name
 Feng brand increasingly Features
 Feng increasingly Advantages
Lamp beads
 Taiwan wafer using genuine, Xiamen Sanan original chip. Shenzhen scale packaging manufacturers packaging.
 Lamp beads color temperature consistency, no color, no stain, good stability, low dead lights.
 All products without flicker.
 Is the real energy-saving health products. Elimination of the lamp to the human eye hazards.
power supply
 High efficiency constant current power supply, input voltage fluctuations or power supply voltage is low, the lamp brightness constant. Power board with 1.2 single-panel, wide-board design, directly installed in slot cooling aluminum housing, the pressure is greater than 2000V, do not use heat shrink tubing wrapped insulation, effectively ensure good heat dissipation drive power.
 Regardless of fluctuations in the mains, stable constant current output. Lamp brightness does not change. The minimum luminous decay. Power life decisions lamp life, good power and long life to really save money.
Electrolytic capacitors
 With domestic top brand 10 * 20 electrolytic capacitors.
 Ensure that at least more than double the battery life of other manufacturers products.
Aluminum plate
 All products use aluminum plate. 2.0 thickness, high thermal conductivity, pressure greater than 1500v.
 Ensure rapid heat lamp beads, lamp beads reduce junction temperature, effectively reduce the luminous decay.
Translucent diffusion cover
 Japan's Mitsubishi high transmittance PC cover.

 Uniform light diffusion, a small loss of light, no dark areas. The entire lighting efficiency is good, customers comfortable.
Aluminum heat housing
 Our full range of patented structure design, mold processing. Selection aluminum fewer impurities, high quality, and to ensure uniform thickness.
 Good quality aluminum, effectively ensure the whole lamp heat evenly and fast.
Interface plug
 Our full range of patent design, injection molding factory. Preferably the material, a good impression. Patented pivoting head interface.
 Overall compact structure. Success depends on details, focus on details of the decision quality.
The whole light structure
 The whole light structure design, compact assembly, each member is connected tightly.
 Rigorous design to ensure the whole lamp drive power cooling and good heat dissipation.
The entire lamp cooling
 Lumen lamp body temperature of less than 65 °, hand touch one end of the drive power supply temperature slightly higher.
 Cooling effect, long product life.
The light fades control
 Constant current power supply high precision, constant output current. Ensure that the lamp beads bumplessly stability, good heat dissipation further control the whole light fades.
 Warranty guarantee the entire lighting decline of less than 30%, customers can rest assured that use.
Production management
 Pipeline operations, automated production lines. The entire plant focus on LED fluorescent tube products, each staff positions clear, rigorous training posts. Incoming materials, manufacturing process, product testing and other aspects of strict quality control. Ensure production and ensure the consistency and stability of product quality.
 Four quality assurance: incoming control; process control; control of the finished product; product safety control.
Aging test
 With automatic testing, aging assembly line equipment, to ensure that each lamp aging time is not less than 10 hours
 Aging test strictly achievements of product quality.
Product packaging
 Product requires implementation of brand packaging, neutral packaging, packaging according to customer engineering, strict packing standards.
 Good overall image.
 To build increasingly HSBC brand, will give top priority to quality and service. Because a reasonable price, in order to improve the service to provide effective protection.
 Good reputation, with say good.
 Not expensive
 Price is not high not low, cost-effective products




Feng increasingly focused on a series of specialized production. Starting in 2011, 365 days produced only LED fluorescent tube. Focus on quality and service created a "growing Feng" brand.



Increasingly Feng brand positioning:

Do the most stable product;

Do cost-effective products;


Increasing abundance philosophy

Focus on professional, quality and service first, the customer and business partner interests first.

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