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Xiaobian tell you the basics of traditional fluorescent lamp

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Traditional fluorescent lamps built with two filaments, the filament coated with an electron emission data three yuan carbonate (barium carbonate, strontium carbonate and calcium carbonate), commonly known as electronic powder. In the communication voltage effect, replace the filament and the anode to the cathode, the tube wall is coated with phosphor, filled with an argon gas pressure of 400Pa-500Pa and a few mercury tube.
        When energized, the liquid mercury evaporated to a pressure of 0.8 Pa of mercury vapor in the electric field effect, mercury atoms continually being excited to an excited state from the original condition, then spontaneous transition to the ground state, and radiation with a wavelength of 253.7nm and 185nm UV (main peak wavelength is 253.7nm, accounting for 70-80% of all radiant energy; the second peak wavelength is 185nm, 10% accounts for all radiant energy), to release the remaining energy. After the phosphor absorbs ultraviolet radiation announce visible. Phosphor is not the same, not the same declared the light, which is the white fluorescent lamp can be made into a variety of colorful and reason. Since most fluorescent lamp consuming electricity for generating ultraviolet rays, therefore, fluorescent light-emitting power than incandescent and halogen lamps high, attributed to the energy-saving electric light source.

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